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Privacy & Terms

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Contact for queries:Morag Gauld (Director)

How we will use the information you give us.

We will only use your information on the basis that it is necessary to administer your road test, vehicle, purchase/sale, warranty or insurance product.Where we need to pass information to other firms, it will only be for that purpose.These firms will be Insurers, Warranty Company including handling any claims.It includes finance providers and firms that process or administer our records.

When we contact you, it will either be for the above reason, or because we have a legitimate interest in marketing related products.For any other marketing it will only be with your consent and you will be able to withdraw your consent or unsubscribe easily at any time.

If we have to transfer information to a third country outside the EU, we will only do so if a similar level of protection applies.If we need to obtain information which is by nature sensitive, we will only do so on the basis that it is in the public interest – for example to fight crime, prevent fraud or to make sure insurance is available.

What type of personal information do we need?

We may need personal details which might include details of members of your family, lifestyle, finances, business or education.

We will only collect what is necessary and will only keep it for as long as we are required to do in line with our data retention policy.You can ask us for a copy.

What other types of information do we need?

We might also need details of criminal convictions.

We will only collect what is necessary and protect it with appropriate security measures.

How do we obtain your information?

We may gather it from information you submit to our website, by telephone, face to face or by email.

We may receive it from insurers or warranty company.It includes finance providers and firms that process or store our records.

What are my legal rights?

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner at, Tel 030312311132.

You can obtain a copy of your personal information from us without charge by contacting us at the address above.

You have the right to ask us to correct information.

You have the right to ask us to delete your information or stop using it, unless it is necessary for us to retain it for insurance or financial purposes as set out in our document retention policy.

You may have the right to object if decisions about you are made solely by a computer.

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